Sundarbans - The Home of The Royal Bengal Tiger

on Monday, January 26, 2009

Forests and wild life fascinate most of us. The nature, the beauty, the fear and most of all, the chase, are all the factors which makes a trip to a jungle the most sort after one. Being away from the hussles and bussles of the urban life and listing to the songs sung by other species gives each and every one of us the relaxation we all so dearly want! In fact, psycologists believe that watching wild life helps our mind to relax.

So, me and my friend decided to catch up some "wild" actions and embarked upon a journey of our life time to The Sundarbans viz The Beautiful Forests, home to the most eligant and graceful cats of all, The Royal Bengal Tiger!

It was a sort 2 day - 1 night trip via a ferry owned and organized by the West Bengal Tourism Development Board. Altough we didnt catch up with one of the cats :( .. we did plunge into some wonderful moments and experiences. Heres a small snap shot of what we experienced:

You can view more pictures of Sundarbans from here.

All in all, it was a weekend of a life time! The mangrove trees, the sea side, the moonlit winter night, grazing dears and the hope of catching a chase.. it was an out of the world experience for me! However unlucky I might have been this time, but I will definitely catch the king next time!

If you would also like to see the Royalty in full freedom, do visit Sundarbans whenever you come down to Bengal! You can read more about Sundarbans from here:

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